I am located in East Orlando, Florida. If you're interested in learning more about massage and yoga, I have a few options for you below.

About Me

My name is Katie Brandes. I began yoga in 2005 after experiencing severe anxiety brought on by stress. I sought out a means of relief and instead found a new way of life. Through my certifications in Yoga and Massage Therapy, I help others that have experienced the pressures that life and society can place on us. Yoga and massage together combine relaxation with improved circulation and range of motion. They are the means by which I share my natural tendency to nurture and improve health for those who are in need.

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Whether it's family fun or chatter about health and anatomy, check out my latest posts full of love, laughter and relaxation.
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Katie Brandes, LMT MA89708
Orlando, FL
E-mail: Phone: (407) 592-8203

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