Autumn Weekend 2011

On Friday we went for a run and picked wild flowers on the walk home. Java joined in the fun. Then Daddy cooked us up some potato and egg skillet lunch while Mommy baked a homemade sweet potato pie. Both were delicious!
On Saturday, we got up and started our pumpkin carving. Thalia quickly drew her “silly face” on her baby pumpkin. While she had a messy little tea party, Daddy carved a Gator! And Mommy went for a skull since her pumpkin was skull-shaped. It all turned out perfectly. This afternoon, we’re all heading to Thalia’s best school bud Maria’s birthday party!

Garden #2

The first garden is doing wonderful. Beans are coming in. We’ve harvested a handful of Jalapeno peppers already. Collards and lettuce are about ready. Carrots and onions are coming in nicely. So we decided to put in a second garden. We’ve got more collards going in it. Also, Kale, more lettuce, bush beans, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. It’s going to be a salad fiesta! Pretty pictures:

Our First Square Foot Gardening Box

We’re using a method called “square foot gardening” to start a vegetable garden here in Florida where things grow OH so much better than they did in Colorado. Our soil here is actually pretty nice. But the square foot gardening method uses a special blend of peat moss, compost and vermiculite. We also built a special container for the garden. It’s 4 foot by 4 foot and each foot is divided up using laths. Depending on the type of plant, a certain number go in each square and it’s easy to determine spacing and quantity for each. We started with 2 tomato plants, and 2 pepper plants. We planted 4 collard seeds (1 per square) and 8 mustards. Also, 8 lettuce, 9 beans, 16 onions, 16 chives, and 16 carrots. One container is supposed to feed one adult a salad every day. We don’t eat that much salad. So we’ll see how well it worked out. We started this garden in mid August. Here are the first few weeks of it’s life. Everything is successful except for one pepper plant.

August 14th – Planting Day

August 19th – Starts Sprouting

September 10th – Extra mustard seeds were planted in the dirt next to the container along with some flowers.

We’ve harvested one pepper already. The hot pepper plant is budding like crazy, the beans are starting to bud. And the mustards and collards are taking off like crazy. It may be a success!