New Albums

I added all of the Thalia albums to Picasa. I’m going to delete them off of my site soon and put a permanent link on the sidebar. Until then you can find them here (and you can comment on them if you want!):

You can bookmark that location also. But I wouldn’t count on there being lots of additions. I rarely take pictures these days. My camera battery is dying. It only lasts a couple minutes til it dies. I should take more movies though. I’ll try but no promises!

On that note, if you didn’t already know you can search YouTube for the name “Trebla7th” to see all of Thalia’s videos. Or just go here:

Lady Gaga

Thalia loves music… all different kinds of music. One of her favorite things to do now is watch music videos. She likes a huge variety of videos. But Lady Gaga is definitely one of her favorites. Whenever she sees this video, Poker Face, she screams “GAGA!!”

She also loves Black Eyed Peas. Her favorite is My Humps… which is ridiculous but hilarious when she watches the women kick and screams “KIIIIICK!!” while kicking her little feet in the air.

And she thinks the funniest thing ever is this:

Halloween Party 2009

We had a successful party on Friday the 30th. I worked very hard all day long on making Pumpkin, Ghost, Bat, Candy Corn, and Tombstone cookies. Also Bat Cupcakes, a Goblin Cheeseball, Forked Eyeballs (which are doughnut holes covered in melted white chocolate), and Mummy Hotdogs. It took me forEVER to decorate all of those cookies… I think we had about 80 of them. We have quite a bit left over, but I think everyone enjoyed them. The 6 ft. Subway sandwich was fortunately almost completely eaten. And then lots of people brought food, too. It was quite a spread.

Thalia had a lot of fun. She adopted Jenine, one of AL’s co-workers. You can see her holding Thalia in the second video. She never got grumpy. She never complained (except for when AL picked her up at the start for a picture and Thalia was terrified of him in a wig). She just played and hung out with people… a regular little social butterfly.

Now for pictures and movies. (sorry I didn’t get more).

AL as John Lennon

Katie as one of his groupies.

Thalia the rock star.


Goblin Cheeseball

Forked Eyeballs

Bat Cupcakes

Signing On

I finally got my computer back. And it works! Kind of. Well, when I first set it up, it didn’t turn on. Oh great, I thought. But then I discovered that they had switched it off on the back of the case. I got it on and started uploading all of the pictures and movies I had taken over the past two weeks. I didn’t lose any of my files, thank goodness. Then about a half an hour after turning it on, it froze. I tried this twice more and it froze both times. AL got home and discovered that they had unplugged the fans to the computer and it was overheating. So he plugged them in and it stopped freezing. Oh good. Problems over, right? Well then I loaded up a game to see if it could handle that. It couldn’t. The graphics started glitching. Ah… now this problem I recognized. This meant that there was a graphics card problem. Remember that I had mentioned that it has two graphics cards? Well AL took one out to discover which one was causing the problem. Ah… found it first try. Now the computer works, just not as well as it should. Today we’ll figure out if the problem is with the graphics card itself or something related to it, and then get the company to replace it. Let’s hope that there aren’t any more problems.

I got a great movie yesterday of Thalia signing for water. Oh yeah… did I forget to mention that Thalia has started signing? Yay! I’ll post it on her site soon.

Thalia says, “I could cry!”