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The House Hunting Begins!

We started house hunting this weekend. We found our agent and looked up a bunch of houses, printed out a huge list, and then went to see 4 of the top houses on the list. We really liked one of the first 4 houses. But I just finished making a list of about 20 more houses we want to look at. Who knows how long this will take, but I love seeing all the houses and I can’t wait to find the right one. And who knows… that fourth one we saw on Saturday may be the right one. I’m excited!

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Carlsbad Caverns

We finally made it to Carlsbad Caverns this past weekend! After a pretty painful 8 hour drive there, we stayed at a hotel in Carlsbad the city. We wanted to stay close to the park so that we could visit Java during the day and make sure she wasn’t making trouble.

We started our drive to the the caverns and admired the cacti landscape along the way. We even got to see a roadrunner skip across the road in front of us. Once we got to the visitor center we found out it was a good weekend to visit the park since it was some sort of National Park holiday and all the parks were free. So we descended into the cavern and we were all excited because it was familiar and new at the same time… almost like deja vu. I liked the fact that the bats were so nearby and yet you couldn’t see them. You could hear the bats making little chirping sounds right around the corner in the cave. I almost wanted to take a picture but I was afraid the flash would freak out the bats… although that would be a nice memory.

The hike down the cavern was pretty tiring. It was mostly downhill, but that can be rough on the legs after a while. My favorite part was the hike at the “bottom” of the caverns called the Big Room. The coolest part there was the “Fairy Village”. I loved that because there were all these cute little rock formations that looked like little fairy towers and they had the lights set up so that it looked like the windows were twinkling in the fairy towers. We made up a whole story about the fairy village. The fairy palace was the largest most lit up tower of them all. There was the town center and the fairy suburbs. The fairies must have been tiny.. we could never see any of them flying around :)

Another cool part was the view of the lower cave. Apparently they are still exploring the caverns and have yet to see all of it. There was an old stairway from back early last century when people used to visit the caverns. They had to climb down and up old rickety wooden stairs. AL and I made fun that when the people bought their tickets they must have been given a lantern and a hard hat to take along with them.

We expected the caverns to be cold so we brought long sleeves with us. But it was so incredibly humid in the caverns that AL was sweating and had to carry his jacket with him the whole time. But we had a wonderful time.

We ate a very nice mexican lunch at an “authentic” restaurant in town… though we did not think it was spicy enough to be authentic. But it was delicious anyway. So we headed back to the hotel room to check on the baby. She had torn up an entire roll of toilet paper and shredded her foam little bed. she was a bad girl! We read brochures on what to do in Carlsbad and decided to go to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. It was only half a mile from our hotel anyway. We had a blast here. One of the highlights was a precious little blue jay that had been hand raised and released into their aviary. They warned us to watch out for him when we went into the aviary and to not let him out. And as soon as we entered he heard us and flew right over too us. After examining us for a minute he decided AL’s glasses looked like fun. He jumped all over AL’s shoulders and head. I took plenty of pictures. They were both adorable. We saw lots of cool animals in the park. The rattle snake that wanted to strike and bite us was scary. The prairie dogs were fat, lazy, and curious as ever. This park was cool because it was made up of the flora and fauna from the Southwest. We took our time and relaxed in the nice desert air.

We stayed in with Java for the evening and ate a picnic dinner out of our new picnic basket Mommo and Katherine gave us. So we gave up 16 hours of our weekend driving there and back, but it was well worth the time we got to spend together. Now we just have to decide where our next adventure will take place. I guarantee it will be closer next time. Here are the pictures from Carlsbad Caverns 2003.

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This only started recently… but occasionally around 10 or 11 at night, AL and I will hear howling coyotes outside our window. It was cool to hear but kinda creepy at the same time. I’m not sure where they decide to hang out and howl for an hour, but I sure hope it’s not in the neighborhood where we are looking at houses.

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I must have a boring life. I haven’t posted in a while because I just really don’t have anything to say or report. One day soon I must post pictures of us on our bikes. I loove my new bike. Oh, and we actually found a house that we might consider looking at. It is about a half a mile away from our apartment. Perfect location.

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Doctor Visit

So I went to the doctor today because I haven’t been feeling well the past few weeks. The doctor’s office turned out to be one block from our apartment too. All in all it was a pleasant experience… except for when they stole my blood. Basically, I just have an extra acidic stomach and need to take better care of it daily. I’ll get the blood tests back next week. But having gone there, I feel better already.

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AL Brandes.com is officially open for business!

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A Ginger Weekend

We had a nice Labor Day weekend with Mommo and Katherine. But it was extremely rainy all weekend. It was still very relaxing and nice. And the weather certainly didn’t bother their new baby girl, Ginger.

However, Java did not have a good weekend. She did not like Ginger being in her house one tiny bit. Whenever Ginger tried to play with her, Java would scream and snarl and bite at her.

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