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Happy Birthday, Dad

We didn’t send a card in time
So instead I wrote this poem today.
We wish we could be there with you.
Wish we weren’t so far away.

Thank you for all the love
that you’ve given us this year.
Not to mention all the support
friendship, happiness and cheer.

We love you oh so very much
And we hope that you’ll visit soon.
We have so much fun when you are here
And of course, we have plenty of room.

Although we’re not there on your special day
We hope this is the best one you’ve ever had.
Happy New Year’s and most importantly,
Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Christmas House

I just put up some pictures of our house in the snow, mainly for Bepa to see. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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I Wuv My Husband

I love my husband so much. Right now he is at work dressed up as Jason Voorhees scaring all of his co-workers and just being creepy in general.

  • I love him because I think he’s funny.
  • I love him because I “get him” when no one else does.
  • I love him because his pranks are cute and he gets so into them (especially on April Fool’s Day and Halloween).
  • I love him because he thrives on being unpredictable, yet when he starts to tell a joke I know how it will end before it has barely begun… and yet I’ll still laugh.
  • I love him because he love me. We appreciate each other. And that’s what really counts.
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Autumn is here!

Fall is here. The weather is getting cooler… the mountain is covered in snow… and the Halloween spirit is kicking in. So we decided to start decorating and carving a couple of pumpkins. I posted pictures of the pumpkins and of some leftover pictures of Bombadil from September.

Forgot to mention to those few of you who don’t know. My doctor told me that my acid levels are almost normal and that my GERD may be going away on it’s own. He told me to continue my meds for a few more months then try to go off of them. Which is great news because that means I don’t have to go to the doctor again any time soon! Hooray!

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One to Go

I have my (maybe) last hospital visit this coming Monday. I had to stop taking my medication and only after missing two pills, I started getting bad heartburn. Well at least now I know those pills are definitely working. Which is good and bad. Good because they make me feel better… bad because obviously I’m not going to get better without them.

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My New Obsession

I have found a new love… a new passion. No no no, it doesn’t come close to the love and passion for my perfect AL. But it is fun, rewarding, and challenging. Knitting! I’m boring AL to death talking about knitting all the time, so I figured I would bore you two or three people who read my site too. I’ve completed 3 projects to date and am in the middle of a very long one. When we find time I want AL to take pictures so that I can model my finished work for the camera. Now I love knitting and learning how to knit, but I love knitting books almost as much. I have an enormous wish list and I can see AL rolling his eyes right now just from me mentioning “more books!”

Closely related and my next project in mind is Crocheting. I have a goal which is to crochet this before Halloween. Crocheting seems more delicate and there aren’t very many good books on it (poo). Which means more of a challenge! So, yes, I am obsessed. But knitting is fantastic and fun. And I’m hoping to gain a lifelong hobby. I’m going to be an expert!

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Hobbies and Crafts

I have a lot of hobbies. I’ve been accumulating them since I was in elementary school. When I got up this morning I decided to make a list of all the hobbies and crafts that I’ve gotten into over the years. Very quickly the list grew to about 30 that I still remember clearly and most of which I still do. Ok… so yes, I’m the type of person that accumulates skills but never masters them. But it’s all cool because they make me happy. On that note, I’ve picked up a new hobby this week. I am now learning how to knit. Yes… it is a funny image of the little housewife sitting at home knitting during the day. But it is so much fun! Right now I’m making a very simple pillow. And by simple, I mean big. It’s going to take me a while to finish but it is looking great so far. I’ve also picked up sketching and watercolors again. I discovered Bob Ross’s site the other day, and now I am super excited about doing more watercolors. I’ve also been browsing through Craftster.org lately which is very inspirational. I hope to be as crafty as some of those people some day.

I know I change my moods constantly… that’s just me. But my hobbies/entertainment for the month (maybe week) you ask? Knitting, watercolors, learning Spanish, piano (again), and role playing video games are what come to mind at the moment. I guess I should include photography because I’ve been taking pictures again. Here is a picture of my knitting. It’s quite cute.

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August of Doctors

Well my Endoscopy on Monday turned out fine. They couldn’t find anything wrong in my stomach. So now I get to go back to the hospital twice more in August. The first time they are going to plunge something down my throat again (this time not under sedation) to test the muscles in my esophagus. I’m not looking forward to that because I spent the entire time during the endoscopy gagging. Then on August 16th, I go back in for them to do a very similar procedure to the endoscopy. This time I will be sedated and they will insert a pill into my stomach to test my acidity levels. Then I will be sent home with a monitor which I will have to return the next day with the results. Ooo.. fun.

In between all this I also have a dentist appointment which I’m positive will result in my having to go back to get my at least one cavity filled. And I also have an eye doctor appointment in August which I desperately need because my contacts have started really irritating me, and my eyes have become extremely sensitive to light. So August is going to be lots of fun (sarcasm) but at least it’s all getting fixed… I hope… so that I may finally get on with my life.

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On Monday, July 19th, I’m going into the hospital to have an endoscopy. I’m quite nervous, but here’s to hoping everything turns out ok in this wicked tummy of mine. Bad news is that my Doctor says that most likely I will have to be on meds for the rest of my life for GERD. I just wish I could find a med that worked :(

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Our Garden

I took a few pictures of our garden yesterday. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but yesterday was the first day it has been really sunny out for a long time now.

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