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So the other day AL and I are out driving to the store. We stop at a stoplight and AL asks me “Pop Quiz! What was the name of the dog on Mad About You?” I said his name, “Murray”, and then ask him why he asked me that. He points to the name of the street at the intersection, Murray Street. Ok. So we drive to the store and buy a new board game, a pop culture Trivial Pursuit. Later that night we play it together, and I pick the TV category. AL picks up the card and says, “What was the name of the Buckman’s dog on Mad About You?” I thought he was kidding, but it actually was the question. Weird… just weird.

Quiero ir a la piscina hoy.

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A Little Less Dil

Bombadil got fixed yesterday and he’s doing surprisingly well. He’s not allowed to jump and run, but I just can’t seem to stop him. He already seems back to normal. When Java got fixed, she was so sick she peed herself in bed. Anyway, maybe this will calm him down a bit. Now I wonder if his ears are ever going to stand up like a Chihuahua’s should. We’re kind of hoping they don’t.

I also started learning spanish recently. No real reason, but I would like to become fluent. So I may start putting some of my daily phrases on here. I need to keep on using them each day in order to become fluent. They say if you spend a half an hour each day, it will take maybe 3 years to become fluent. That’s my goal… we’ll see how it goes. Me gusta comer galletas. :)

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Moab Trip

We had a good time in Moab this past weekend. I posted the pictures today. Sorry the pictures sort of stop in the middle of the trip. I forgot to bring my camera after a while and was so mad that I didn’t have it when AL ordered the M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Burritos). Anywho, enjoy the few pictures we actually did take.

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Easter Fun

Check out the new pictures I posted. Some are from Rent and most are from our fun Easter weekend. We decided to do the whole egg dying and hunting thing this year. All went according to plan except for the fact that it snowed a bunch. But it was still tons of fun and now we have plenty of eggs to eat… or shall I say egg whites, since AL can’t eat the yellows… not that he liked them anyway. Doobie Doobie Doo.

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