It's all about the Thalia Lynore!

Date Night

AL took me on a date last night. We went to The Melting Pot. Anyone who has been there knows how yummy and fun that place is. We were there for 2 hours and came out full and bloated. It was a fantastic date. Thank you, my love.

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The Denver Zoo 2007

AL and I went to the Denver Zoo this weekend with our pals, Mike and Danna. It was fun as usual. I made AL take pictures this time and tried to make him get mostly people shots. So there are lots of pictures of Mike, Danna, and me… and only one of AL… and maybe a couple of the zoo itself.

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New Ford Fusion

Yesterday, AL and I went to the Ford Dealership. Five hours later we came home with a brand new V6 SEL AWD 2007 Ford Fusion. It was an exhausting experience. But the new car was well worth it. Here are some pictures of it.

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Summer Assortment

I had a bunch of leftover pictures from this summer. Some are of our house on the day we moved in… some are of the big cat sanctuary we went to… And the rest are of Pikes Peak. So enjoy!

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Wolf Habitat

Back in July, AL and I went to a wolf habitat near the Springs with our friends Mike and Danna. Here are some of the pictures.

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