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First Snow 2007

It finally snowed. And it is beautiful from up here on the hill… way more beautiful than I had anticipated. I took some pictures, but it doesn’t do the snow justice. I also caught a picture of Bombadil as he pooped on our deck. And it was our upper deck. Stupid dog. And on a sadder note, I peeked out our front window this morning and noticed that our neighbors had an ambulance and a fire truck in front of their driveway. They are very very old, so we hope that they’re ok…

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My First Baby Post

All of you know by now that I’m a pregnant woman. I always wondered what my reaction would be to finding out I was pregnant. I wondered if I would freak out and cry or scream and laugh. But I really didn’t do either. I showed AL the pregnancy test and we hugged and jumped around, called all of the family, then just chilled. I’ve been chill ever since. I think it’s weird. I overreact to lots of stuff but not this? I guess I was ready!

Anywho, we’re taking pictures each week of my tummy so we can slowly watch it grow. Should I post each picture on here as we take them? Or should I post them all at once when I’m huge?

At any rate, this will probably kind of turn into a baby journal because that will be the focus of my life for the next… hmm… few years?? I don’t know. We’ll see. But at any rate, I’m not turning this into an official baby journal… just the same old boring journal of events in my life.

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Fall 2007

It’s that time of year… kind of. We haven’t had any snow yet, which is odd for October. It’s not even very cold yet. But I have taken some pictures of the leaves changing in our beautiful neighborhood.

First, however, is news of our baby Bombadil. He had to get his teeth cleaned at the vet the other day. Apparently one of his teeth had somehow broken off and was hanging by a thread in his mouth. How long ago had that happened? Who knows. So he was sick this weekend, but he’s recovered nicely.

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