It's all about the Thalia Lynore!

Separation Anxiety

Thalia is starting to develop separation anxiety. Now when she cries in bed, she’s not just crying because she’s tired or scared. She’s actually starting to miss me. Since I started going to class, AL takes care of her and says she’s ok at first. But then after a while she realizes that I’m not around and really starts to miss me. It’s very sweet how attached she is already.

Oh and today she started crawling. She’s been working on it for a long time. But today she can officially do it. All of our wires and cords downstairs are officially the most desirable things in the house.

Christmas photo that I’m not sure everyone has seen:

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Tongue and a New Album

Thalia has discovered how to stick out her tongue and spends a lot of time now looking like this:

And a new album! Sorry it’s late, especially considering half the pictures are of Christmas. But I can’t seem to find as much spare time anymore. And as always, let me know if you want a higher res version of any of these pictures.

I also have several new videos of Thalia that will be posted over the next few days on her site.

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Winter Park 2009

So we took our first trip out of town with Thalia “Annoying” Lynore. She didn’t take well to travel. But she did look adorable in her reindeer outfit in the snow.

When we got home, she quickly discovered that she could sit up on her own. When we put her to bed, she quickly discovered she could stand up on her own (with the support of the bed rails). When we picked her up, she quickly remembered how to throw up all over the place. Needless to say, we lowered her mattress so she can’t jump out… and I took a shower.

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Thalia is learning how to stand now. Well, she’s been working on it for months already. But now we can let go. She has to hold onto something, obviously. But we’re impressed. She may skip crawling altogether.

And I need to say one more thing: YAY Obama!

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28 Week Comparison

Thalia is actually 30 weeks today, but you get the idea.

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No Milestones

There hasn’t been a lot to say recently. Thalia is a growing girl but hasn’t reached any milestones. AL was skiing all day on Wednesday (which made for a veeeeery long day at home), so Thalia and I went out to buy her some new clothes. She’s getting too long for her 6-9 mo. pajamas. We found a bunch of new clothes for her ranging from 9 mo. to 18 mo. All of the winter/Christmas stuff was on closeout, so I figured I would buy her Christmas clothes for next year. Yay! So she’s got a lot of cute new clothes to destroy now.

But nothing else has really changed. Whenever I take the camera out now, she stops what she’s doing and stares at it. So I can’t catch her in action anymore. I’ve been trying to catch her “ba-ba-ba’s” on film, but it just isn’t working.

Here is her trying her first ricecake.

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Going Mobile

Thalia is getting very close to crawling. There is a video of her on her site floundering around. She wiggled from the fireplace to the kitchen, for those of you who know our layout. It was a pretty good scoot! She’s figuring it out. And she’s taken a great interest in her reflection these days. She’s also getting too long for her 6 month size pajamas.

Here is a new picture of her. What do you think she is saying?


The Toy Room

After getting all of those toys for Christmas, we started Thalia’s toy room. Thanks to the grandparents for all of the storage solutions.

It will never look this tidy again.

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Tasty Toes

The other night, Thalia discovered that her toes were tasty.

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