It's all about the Thalia Lynore!

Thalia’s China Pajamas

Thalia is wearing her pajamas that Grammo and Auntie Eve brought back from China. They are lovely and doomed to get peed and/or pooped on.

And her first middle upper tooth is growing in finally. Maybe now she can really start biting off food instead of us having to break up every single thing!

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15 Months!

Thalia had her 15 month checkup yesterday. Poor baby had to get FIVE shots. We’re using a new doctor now because the last office did not give her all of the vaccinations she needed and didn’t carry them in office anymore anyway. She has to go back at 17 months to get a couple more shots. Then, after a couple more visits, she should be completely caught up. How sad! But we like the new doctor and the office definitely seems to know what they are doing.

Anyway, Thalia is *almost* 20 lbs. I thought she would be over 20 by now. She’s still in the 10th percentile for weight. She is also about 31 in. long which puts her in the 65th percentile for length. Cute.

Well, she isn’t feeling well today… not surprisingly. And they told me she might get sick in a week or two from one of the shots still. So we’ll see how that goes. Poor baby.

I did manage to get a new album up though! Go me! New Album

Here is a picture of Thalia dancing in her ballet pajamas!
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The Little Vampire

Thalia has two new teeth on top… but they aren’t the middle teeth. So she looks like a little vampire. One of the top middle teeth is actually growing in now. If you zoom in far enough on the picture, you can see it.

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