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Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things is a great site. I look at it almost every day since I discovered it. It should be pretty obvious what the site contains. So many of the things he mentions ring true. This one was posted yesterday. “The Inlaw Nap”. I couldn’t believe that it was something other people have experienced. Naps at the in-laws feel different in some way. They feel sooo good and satisfying. I don’t know why. But it’s good to know other people feel the same way. How odd.

Baby Toes is another awesome thing. I agree completely. Ever since I brought my own pair of baby toes into my home, I kiss them every day. They are SO cute. I just want to nibble on them. I’ve never been a foot person. In fact, I can’t stand looking at feet. But when it comes to babies. Oh… so awesome.

And Pizza Soulmates is something I have never personally experienced. But, oh how I would love to meet my pizza soulmate. AL is my pizza nemesis.

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Pow Wow

Michelle invited Thalia and me to a Pow Wow at Rock Ledge Ranch today. There were all kinds of Native American stuff there, but Thalia was mostly interested in the animals, not surprisingly. First she watched the pony rides, but she was too small to go on them.

Then she and Robert had fun throwing pinecones into a stream. Right next to the stream was a wolf exhibit. Thalia got to see real wolves.

She and Joe had fun pretending to feed the ducks at the pond.

Then we stopped by the chickens, cows, and sheep.

Turns out, Thalia is more of a tree-kisser than a tree-hugger.

She loved the giant pigs and the giant horses.

And Mommy enjoyed her “Indian Taco” which is chili on fried bread. Yum!

Thalia passed out on the way home. It was a fun trip. Her mouth and dress were completely orange by the end of the day due to a can of Orange Crush.

AL was out of town all weekend, so Thalia and I made the best of it by keeping busy and having fun. Thank you, Michelle!

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Thalia’s First Haircut

It was another big first! Ok… so it wasn’t that big of a deal. But I made the biggest deal out of it anyway, taking pictures throughout the whole thing. I told Thalia a couple days ago that we were going to get her hair cut. She got very excited. All morning she was asking to go. Then when we got there and got her in her little taxi cab seat, she got all nervous and worried.

But she was a perfect angel the whole time. To get her to look down, the hairdresser gave Thalia her cellphone.

That pretty much kept Thalia occupied for the rest of the appointment. She was pretending to call Grammy.
She got her bangs cut, and the rest shaped up. I didn’t want the hairdresser to cut it too short. Then she sprayed her hair with some purple sparkles and put it in cute little hair twists.

What a beauty!

I gave Java a haircut, too. I like this picture.



After seeing the movie a hundred times, I finally decided to make Ratatouille. It was a different recipe than in the movie. It included garbanzo beans. Thalia LOVES them. Along with the soup, I made a fresh batch of garlic bread sticks from scratch. I found this recipe at a site called HillbillyHousewife.com and thought it looked easy enough. I liked them, but AL thought they were too crispy. So if you like crispy bread, then you might like these. The Ratatouille was good… though mostly due to the fact that I love garbanzo beans too.

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Rocky Mt National Park

We drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday afternoon and came home this afternoon. We want to see some more stuff out here before we move. Unfortunately, we were counting on seeing Mt. Goats and Elk in the park. Instead we saw nothing. Nothing at all. It was a big disappointment. We enjoyed our overnight stay at the hotel in Estes Park though. There was a mini-fridge in the room that Thalia immediately made her toy fridge. Boy did she love stuffing the little freezer with dog food. It sure was hard to chip out when we left…

Anyway, I took a couple of pictures, but mostly it was just a big disappointment. I wasn’t feeling well either. The altitude was killing me. I need Florida…

She’s really good at smiling for the camera now.


Summer Album

I haven’t put together an album for a while. So this is our summer pictures from the last couple months. You’ve probably seen most of the pictures, but may want to see more… so enjoy!

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Picnic and More Grasshoppers

I know our news is never very interesting. But we enjoy our humdrum life. We went to Ute Valley Park today for a hike and a picnic. There were more grasshoppers there. And this time, Thalia’s Daddy caught some for her to hold. Wow did she love that!

Going on a picnic.

Posing at Ute Valley

Homemade sandwiches!

Holding a grasshopper.

One landed on her leg.

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Grasshoppers Galore!

Thalia and I haven’t been able to go on a Mt. Mama hike in a while. They always seem to fall on our other plans. So I decided to take Thalia on a hike, just the two of us. Apparently, it was grasshopper season. There were a million of them. She had SO much fun looking at them. We did not get very far on our hike, but she enjoyed herself thoroughly. Pics!

Collecting leaves.

Looking at grasshoppers.


Chasing a bird.

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Robots and Skeletons

Thalia’s new thing is robots. She watched Ironman, which she completely loved… at least the scenes with Ironman in them. Then she watched I, Robot. Once again, she loved the scenes with robots in them. Then she looked on our shelf and found The Terminator. Now this one she was excited about because the cover looks like this:

She is also very much into skeletons. She likes to “play” World of Warcraft with us. I showed her all of the possible races she could pick out. Would she want to be the cute little Gnome? The hot and sexy Night Elf? The strange and interesting cow-like Tauren? Oh no. She wanted to be the undead. This is the one she plays:

She just cracks me up. What a weirdo.

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Labor Day 2010

This was a very relaxing and stressful Labor Day weekend. Can it be both? Well it was. AL and I relaxed most of the weekend. But he got up early Labor Day morning and ran a half marathon. He did really well, too! Grammo and Nanna were visiting all weekend. But they were gone almost all day every day with their Balloon Festival work. They were exhausted. We met Eve and Joe for lunch one day and dinner the next. That was all of our action. We relaxed the rest of the time. But it wasn’t completely relaxing, because there is so much to do now! We have so many people to call, so much cleaning, packing, fixing…

Today we had a carpet guy come over to stretch our carpet. It came out well and fortunately wasn’t very expensive. Now we have painters, landscapers, handymen, and cleaners among others to hire. It’s going to be a very busy month.

One cool thing happened this weekend. I was thinking about how we were going to get boxes for packing. I looked up a site, and it said that you can often get moving boxes for free on Craigslist. I looked and sure enough… there was one posted that day. AL called him up and drove over. He filled the car with a ton of sturdy boxes. And now we are ready to pack… though we can only pack useless stuff like CD’s at this point. But at least we can start.

The power also went out this past weekend. We quickly discovered that we have very few working flashlights but lots and lots of candles.

Our inspection was completed today at the house in Florida. It went very well. I’m not surprised. The house is in pristine condition.

I failed to take any pictures in the past week. So I’ll leave you with this awesome awesome awesome “project desk” from Pottery Barn.

I’ve been researching Ikea lately, too, since one just opened up in Orlando. I really like their storage solutions. And this bed? The cat can’t get under it and barf, AND it has awesome storage! And a bookshelf behind it?! Fab!

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