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I come to you anywhere in East Orlando: Wedgefield, Waterford, Oviedo, Lake Nona, Avalon Park, UCF, etc.

Contact me by emailing or calling (407) 592-8203 to confirm that your location is within my range. Referrals only please.

Empower Yoga
801 Woodbury Rd Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32828
321- 420-YOGA → (321-420-9642)

Services & Rates ($1/min) Services & Rates

Swedish Massage – Together we will address your specific needs for this therapeutic session that is slow, gentle, and most importantly, relaxing.
60 min. – $60
90 min. – $90

Deep Tissue Massage – Using firm pressure and slow strokes I will target your problem areas for the release of habitually tight muscles and connective tissue.
60 min. – $60
90 min. – $90

Aromatherapy Massage – Use of the restorative and invigorating properties of essential oils to relax and replenish your body and mind.
60 min. – $60
90 min. – $90

Chair Massage – Chair massage is the perfect introduction to the benefits of bodywork using touch and compression.
30 min. – $30
45 min. – $45

Thai Massage – Thai massage combines both Yoga and Massage Therapy into a whole-body treatment.
60 min. – $60
90 min. – $90

Reflexology – Pressure to specific areas of the feet correspond to glands, organs and systems of the body and ultimately benefit you.
30 min. – $30
45 min. – $45

*If there is significant travel time (above 30 minutes) then a travel fee will be included based on distance.

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Schedule Schedule

Monday 9:00am to 3:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am to 3:00pm
Friday 11:00am to 3:00pm

Contact me if you are interested by emailing or calling (407) 592-8203. Referrals only please.

                                        Tuesdays 1:15pm to 3:00pm

Click here to schedule with me at Empower Yoga or call (321) 420-9642 and request to schedule with Katie.

Cancellation policy: In the event you must cancel your appointment, please give 24 hours advance notice.

Massage License

Katie Brandes, LMT (MA89708) provides therapeutic massage and bodywork for the enhancement of relaxation and well-being. Her practice is built on trust, expertise and professionalism that always puts the health and well-being of the client first. Additional certifications and courses include:

​As a member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), I pledge my commitment to the highest principles of the massage and bodywork profession. ~ Katie