Preschool Thalia

I took a picture on Thalia’s first and last Monday of school and placed them side by side. The placement and angles are a little off. But you get the point. Our little girl is growing.

Kids Yoga

Thalia wasn’t feeling well. So she’s spent a couple days at home last week. She watched me do my yoga on the first day and wanted to do her own. So I found her a kids yoga video and she loves it!

Autumn Weekend 2011

On Friday we went for a run and picked wild flowers on the walk home. Java joined in the fun. Then Daddy cooked us up some potato and egg skillet lunch while Mommy baked a homemade sweet potato pie. Both were delicious!
On Saturday, we got up and started our pumpkin carving. Thalia quickly drew her “silly face” on her baby pumpkin. While she had a messy little tea party, Daddy carved a Gator! And Mommy went for a skull since her pumpkin was skull-shaped. It all turned out perfectly. This afternoon, we’re all heading to Thalia’s best school bud Maria’s birthday party!