Ice skating.. a first

Instead of camping, we decided to try out ice skating this weekend. We had a lot of fun, but wound up pretty sore. We thought it would be like rollerblading, but it really wasn’t. It was much harder. The ice is so slippery and bumpy. I felt like I was a little kid learning how to skate all over again. AL picked it up pretty quick and started zooming around. But I had to cling to the walls nearly the entire time. It was still great fun and we are definitely going to do it again.

Our Tent

We are planning on camping this weekend for the first time in Colorado. So far we are planning on heading to Winter Park to camp because of its high elevation and cooler temperatures.

To Infinity (Bed, Bath) and Beyond!

Well, AL and I finally found Bed, Bath and Beyond in town and did some shopping. We bought new sheets, a comforter, and various bathroom accessories. The sheets are made from “Modal” fabric, which is made from Beechwood. It’s supposedly a very strong fiber, but we bought it because it was really soft. It feels like we’re sleeping on clouds.

Wedding Album

I finally finished the Wedding Album today. Sorry I have updated this site in such a long time. I’ve just been settling in our new snug and cozy apartment. I promise to try and update this site more frequently. Don’t forget to comment on my journal entries or pictures. There is a comment link at the bottom of each entry. I would love to hear from y’all.

The Grand Opening!

I am now a married woman! Got home around 2:00 AM last night from our honeymoon. Had a wonderful time and will most likely go over it in detail in the following weeks. But for now I would just like to welcome you to my new site. We will be moving to Colorado this week so I will be occupied with many other things. But once I am settled in out west I will devote a lot of my attention to this site. I apologize if much of it is incomplete right now, but I will be adding plenty of content soon… including a wedding and honeymoon album. Keep checking back to peek into the life of Mrs. Katie Brandes.