Grasshoppers Galore!

Thalia and I haven’t been able to go on a Mt. Mama hike in a while. They always seem to fall on our other plans. So I decided to take Thalia on a hike, just the two of us. Apparently, it was grasshopper season. There were a million of them. She had SO much fun looking at them. We did not get very far on our hike, but she enjoyed herself thoroughly. Pics!

Collecting leaves.

Looking at grasshoppers.


Chasing a bird.

Robots and Skeletons

Thalia’s new thing is robots. She watched Ironman, which she completely loved… at least the scenes with Ironman in them. Then she watched I, Robot. Once again, she loved the scenes with robots in them. Then she looked on our shelf and found The Terminator. Now this one she was excited about because the cover looks like this:

She is also very much into skeletons. She likes to “play” World of Warcraft with us. I showed her all of the possible races she could pick out. Would she want to be the cute little Gnome? The hot and sexy Night Elf? The strange and interesting cow-like Tauren? Oh no. She wanted to be the undead. This is the one she plays:

She just cracks me up. What a weirdo.

Labor Day 2010

This was a very relaxing and stressful Labor Day weekend. Can it be both? Well it was. AL and I relaxed most of the weekend. But he got up early Labor Day morning and ran a half marathon. He did really well, too! Grammo and Nanna were visiting all weekend. But they were gone almost all day every day with their Balloon Festival work. They were exhausted. We met Eve and Joe for lunch one day and dinner the next. That was all of our action. We relaxed the rest of the time. But it wasn’t completely relaxing, because there is so much to do now! We have so many people to call, so much cleaning, packing, fixing…

Today we had a carpet guy come over to stretch our carpet. It came out well and fortunately wasn’t very expensive. Now we have painters, landscapers, handymen, and cleaners among others to hire. It’s going to be a very busy month.

One cool thing happened this weekend. I was thinking about how we were going to get boxes for packing. I looked up a site, and it said that you can often get moving boxes for free on Craigslist. I looked and sure enough… there was one posted that day. AL called him up and drove over. He filled the car with a ton of sturdy boxes. And now we are ready to pack… though we can only pack useless stuff like CD’s at this point. But at least we can start.

The power also went out this past weekend. We quickly discovered that we have very few working flashlights but lots and lots of candles.

Our inspection was completed today at the house in Florida. It went very well. I’m not surprised. The house is in pristine condition.

I failed to take any pictures in the past week. So I’ll leave you with this awesome awesome awesome “project desk” from Pottery Barn.

I’ve been researching Ikea lately, too, since one just opened up in Orlando. I really like their storage solutions. And this bed? The cat can’t get under it and barf, AND it has awesome storage! And a bookshelf behind it?! Fab!

A Florida Home

As many of you already know, we made an offer on a perfect house in Florida this week and they accepted. So come October 15 (Jeffrey’s 40th birthday!!!!) we’re going to be Florida homeowners. Step one of Operation Move to Florida will be done. Now AL just needs to find the right job to transfer to, and we need to sell this house. We’ve begun getting organized in our selling plans and are already lining up carpet people and painters and such. It’s going to be a VERY busy fall/winter. AL thinks that transferring will be easy. So we’ll see how that goes. But what’s important in this post is we’re getting a beautiful new home in Florida.

It’s on almost 4 acres with amazing privacy, tons of trees and a beautiful perfect backyard for Thalia and the dogs to play in. It’s only a few years old, and it is completely gorgeous… Parade of Homes stylish. It’s 4 beds/ 3 baths and only 2700 sq ft. With the huge porch and 4 door garage it is 4200 sq ft. I love my humongous almost 5000 sq ft home, but I’ll be so much happier in this smaller space. Plus I am ready to be rid of these stairs. My knees aren’t doing so well these days, and the stairs are not really my thing anymore. I’m thinking of turning part of the garage into my art/painting space. It has windows overlooking the trees and I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it too clean. I forgot to take pictures of everything but the back of the house so I’ll use the ones on the real estate page.

Exterior. Four car garage and backyard is fully fenced in.

Beautiful “state of the art” kitchen.

Seamless windows by nook (one of my favorite rooms).

Family room with surround sound speakers in the trey ceiling.

Master suite will actually fit our large bed and has dual closets, jacuzzi tub and separate shower.

The porch is huge and wired for TV. It also includes a gigantic hot tub.

Here is Thalia’s favorite part. An awesome kids play station and gazebo.

The grassy backyard.

View of the driveway and all of the beautiful trees.

I know we’ll be happy here. And I can’t wait to live close to my family again. Love you guys!

Interior Decorating

I’m not a huge Pottery Barn fan. Some of their stuff is very nice. But the place is ridiculously overpriced. While not a fan of spending money on them, I am a huge fan of their decorating style and model rooms. Just look at this nook setup. I would die for this:

And this bedroom? Want!

Entryway… to die for.

Office. Pure Bliss.

Kids room. Fantabulous!

Kid’s mural. Best… ever!

Boating, Grapes, and Butterflies

We had a fun time in Florida again! I hated to leave.

First we went to the river. Thalia got to go boating (and drive the boat!), catch and release minnows, and see Little Bit and Brandy!

Then we picked grapes at a vineyard. How fun!

And we went to the butterfly garden at the Museum of Natural History. Thalia LOVED it!

Messy Mess

So we’re driving home from the pool. I gave her some trail mix to snack on in the car. When we get home and pull into the garage, I turn around and Thalia says in this sweet little voice, “I spilled it”. Oh my gosh. What a mess! I was about to get mad, then looked at her worried face and just started cracking up. I ran inside the house to grab my camera and took these pictures before spending the next 20 minutes vacuuming out my car.

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!

Maple Stirrup

When I was a little kid I had a toy horse. I think it was Strawberry Shortcake’s horse. The horse’s name was Maple Stirrup. The reason was because the horse smelled exactly like maple syrup. I loved how it smelled. But everyone else in my family seemed to think that it was too strong or stinky. But I loved it. To this day whenever I’m pouring maple syrup (which is a LOT) I think about that silly horse and smile. Do any of you remember that?

Look! I found a picture!! Wow, that brings back memories!


We had a fun weekend. We had a picnic on Saturday and had Mike and Danna over to play Settlers of Catan. We had a lot of fun. And Thalia was a good girl entertaining herself by chasing the dogs all over the house. She was super hyper because she got to stay up late.

Then on Sunday we went to the zoo. She enjoys it more and more each time we take her. She really liked the tiger. She didn’t want to leave his enclosure at all. We tempted her away with the promise of otters. And this time Thalia got to ride the carousel. She kept a pretty serious expression on her face, but she seemed to have fun.

Thalia with the Barkley Boys

We had lunch with Michelle, Robert and Joe last week. Thalia was shy at first, as usual. Then she opened up a bit. The kids made quite a mess at the restaurant, but we all had fun anyway. Then we went to the park in Old Colorado City and the kids played on the stage there. They had so much fun dancing and running around.

Joe, Robert, and Thalia.

Headbutt imminent.

Thalia loves Joe-Joe